My name is Silvia Giardino

I'm 22 years old and I'm Italian.

I have a diploma in Graphic Design and Advertising Photographer, I studied advertising graphics and photography for 5 years, obtaining a professional qualification of three years and a specialization diploma. After graduating I continued to study graphics and photography in Cagliari, London and Berlin.

I started working for my father's company and continued to work in the industry. I have taught graphics, photography, Informatics, calligraphy, in state schools, associations and administrations. I worked for companies, clients in the graphics/photography sector. In 2015 I opened my own company of Graphics, Photography and Internet Services. I have a lot of experience in the multimedia sector, working since I was a child. I am a serious, honest, flexible and responsible person. When I start a job I commit myself to finish it in the best possible way, elaborating and carrying out a professional job. I am a sociable person used to working as a team. 

In the field of graphics, I am able to develop and implement any type of project according to your target and layout.

I have an excellent creativity, which continues to grow using graphics and photography together making the object I'm making with a good visual impact to the customer.

In the field of Photography, I am able to process and realize to the best of my ability what is required of me, making every shot professional.

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